The Swamp Thing

Thrilling Mystery - January 1939 thumbnail
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Thrilling Mystery - January 1939

A Novelette of Weird Heritage

Also featuring City Of Dreadful Night

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Vengeance Of The Snake God

Thrilling Mystery - 1936-03

Also, The Twisted Men, Black Moonlight, and Blood Of Gold


Blood Of Monsters

Thrilling Mystery - November 1936

Also featuring Hell’s Hostelry, Horror Island, and Power Of The Snake


The Case Of The Clumsy Cat

Thrilling Mystery March 1943 thumbnail
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Thrilling Mystery March 1943
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Also includes The Exchange Ship Murders

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Carnival Of Crawling Doom

Thrilling Mystery, November 1937 thumbnail
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Thrilling Mystery, November 1937

Also featuring Dead Tongues of Terror and At the Door of Hell. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Coffin Dwellers

Thrilling Mystery September 1937 thumbnail
THRILLING MYSTERY. September 1937 thumbnail
Thrilling Mystery Sept 1937 thumbnail
Thrilling Mystery September 1937
Thrilling Mystery Sept 1937

Also featuring Four Frightful Men, The Sea Of Fear and Death Plays Dolls

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The Horror Of Cutoff Cove

Thrilling Mystery Magazine October 1936 thumbnail
Thrilling Mystery October 1936 thumbnail
Thrilling Mystery Magazine October 1936
Thrilling Mystery October 1936

Also featuring Vampires Have No Shadows, Hands Out Of Hell, and Blood For Kali

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