Aphrodite: Pagan Goddess Of Love

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Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite thumbnail
Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite

Life And Love In Pagan Greece

This story is included in The Collected Works of Pierre Louÿs

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Alexander and the Camp Follower (Original Title: Alexander the God)


Is it just me, or does it look like he just caught these two ladies in the middle of something?


Roman Holiday

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005-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p002-003
008-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p005
011-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p008
028-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p025
046-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p043
047-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p044
049-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p045
066-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p062
076-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p071
088-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p083
112-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p107

Golden Fleece focused on historical fiction, rather than the the more popular Western or Weird or Romance or Spicy genres. Despite some first rate stories, it folded after only nine issues. 

This entire issue, the first, can be downloaded here

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A Woman of Samaria

Popular Library #299 1950

She Betrayed The Man She Loved

A compelling novel of Biblical times and a lovely woman tossed by fate into the arms of many men


Salome: My First Two Thousand Years of Love

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ACE Double-Size Novel D-43 1954

Also published as Salome The Wandering Jewess

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The Veils Of Salome

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Victimized by her selfish, lustful mother… Torn by her lost and hopeless love, the beautiful Judean princess became the most infamous woman in history.

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The Secret of Mary Magdalene

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The Immortal Story of a Lovely Woman who Achieved Salvation in a Sinful World

I bet you didn’t know so many Classical-Era Jews had red hair, did you?

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Sign Of The Pagan


A spectacular novel of Atilla the Hun and the last days of the Roman Empire


The Groves of Desire (Original Title: The Copper Scrolls)

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A stirring novel of sacred and profane love during the last, licentious days of The Roman Empire

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Rogue Roman (1977)

Rogue Roman by Lance Horner. Pan 1975 thumbnail
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Rogue Roman by Lance Horner. Pan 1975

From the back:

Imperial Rome — centre of the world — throbbing with the white heat of violence, bloodshed and uninhibited sexuality…
Bought as an actor, kidnapped by pirates, sold as a gladiator, young Cleon’s beauty and flagrant masculinity made every woman – harlots and Vestal Virgins alike – desire him.
And passion drives Cleon to help destroy a Caesar who combined the vices of his predecessors with his own special perversions — the Emperor Nero…

Frank Frazetta also did a cover for this book.

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Beyond The Sphinxes’ Cave

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This looks like a sci-fi retelling of Perseus. Note Medusa’s head and the guys with guns.

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The throbbing story of the mad Caesar whose lust for flesh and blood wrought a reign of violence unequaled in history

The Emperor Nero also featured in Rogue RomanThe Pagan Queen, and Nero’s Mistress