Sizzle, My Sweet, In The Flames Of The Damned!

Man's Story February 1966 thumbnail
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Man's Story February 1966

Also includes Smash The Sultan’s Fabulous Flesh Palace and Exposed: Passion Playground Of The Teen Jet Set

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Branded Nudes Of The Teen Jungle

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Wildcat Adventures Magazine November 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine November 1962

Featuring Where to Find the Girls: A Traveling Salesman’s Guide, Mad Dogs and the Naked Cuties, and Capture the Devil Dope-Runners of Red China

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A Corpse Stole My Wife


Also featuring Playground Of The Tiny Killers


Operation: Maneater


Bolder and wilder than James Bond…

Also featuring The Naked Hunt, Pastor Gaier And His 21-Blonde Love Cult, Survive And Film The World’s Last Stone Age Tribes, and Snowed In With Angela


The Queen Of Pain

Man's Best Magazine July 1962 thumbnail
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Man's Best July 1962 thumbnail
Man's Best Magazine July 1962
Man's Best July 1962

Her screaming whip was the Nazi’s secret weapon

Also includes Strange Sex Habits of Married Women: The scandel they talk about in whispers, The Passionate Painter Of Taboo Island: He had to learn the hard way that a savage can be pushed too far, and Hiding behind a thousand respectable fronts… Vice Parlors Are Shocking The Country

Cover reused from the December 1959 issue of All Man

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Death Is My Servant

Horror Stories - June - July 1936 thumbnail
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Horror Stories - June - July 1936

I am confused. Who is torturing who here?

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Blood For The Love Slaves

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All Man January 1965 thumbnail
All Man Magazine January 1965 thumbnail
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All Man January 1965
All Man Magazine January 1965

This painting was used on at least 3 different magazines, featuring such riveting stories as; Exposing: How The Mobs Turn Strippers Into Vice Girls!, The Emerald Treasure Of The Andes: A fortune for the man strong enough to take it, Sex Dolls Who Pay Their Men, The Epic Of The USS Tang, Swapping Today Is Everybody’s Game, More Gold Than I Could Carry… $26,000,000 Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde, The Plot To Blow Up The “Prostitute Express”, Sex For Sale: By The Day! The Week! or The Month!, Sam Bass — The Most Inefficient Outlaw In The WIld, Wild West, Wife-Swapping — A Reporter’s Eyewitness Report!, 14 Easy Ways Your “Best Friend” Can Cheat You At Gambling!, Sex Thoughts Of Women: How You Can Read Them!, One Hour To Stop The Nazi Rape Of St. Romaine!, and last but in no way least Trapped On An Island With 40 Nympho Brides!