Island Of Love-Starved Women

Exotic Adventures Vol. 1 No. 5 1959

Also featuring The Arabian Slave-Girl Racket and Terror In The Far East: The Wolf-Women Of India


The Hell-Raising Yank and His Remarkable Flying Sub

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Male October 1962 thumbnail
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Male October 1962

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The Tragedy Of Spider Island

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Not related to The Horrors Of Spider Island.

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Man-Killing Girls Of Lepu

True Adventures June 1961

Also featuring Roadside Sex Traps, Natal’s Girl-Mad Monster and The Red’s Next Conquest — The Moon? 


Slant Of The Wild Wind

Slant Of The Wild Wind Permabooks 1953

He bought the love of a pagan goddess — and paid the price in blood…

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What a Body!

Dell Books 483 - Alan Green - What a Body!

Murder shouldn’t be fun, but Sandra was luscious enough to eat, and Hugo’s ideas about what to do with her were rather different.

This book worries me.


The Cannibal Harem Of Charlie Savage

Man's World August 1958

Incredible Saga Of A White Man Who Became King Of The Fijis


Savage-Bait on the Isle of No Return

Man's Life September 1960 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1960 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1960
Man's Life September 1960

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Cuban Heel

1953 Uni-Book #64 thumbnail
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1953 Uni-Book #64

Harragan’s in Havana with another hair-raising honey

A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue — Cuban cuties and Cuban Sin.

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The Wayward Wahine (1960)


The seductive rhythm of a Hawaiian girl’s primitive hula dance lures Danny Boyd into the arms… of a killer


From The Sea And The Jungle (1958)

Popular Giant G244 PB; 1958

Violence, Voodoo And Love In The Exotic Caribbean