Reckless Commando Raid On Tobruk: We’re Bringing Back A German General

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This scene was originally based on the feature Reckless Commando Raid on Tobruk: We’re Bringing Back a German General. It later appeared on the cover of True Action magazine, May 1962, for the feature The Surprise Allied Raid that Captured a Top Afrika Corps General.

These issues also feature WWII Yank And Five Nudist Girls Who Liberated A Danish Village, The Paris Party girl And Her Strange Love Balloon, The Hell-Raising Yank Who Led A Mongol Army, and The Sea Nymph

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Take 12 Brides And Be Our King

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True Action May 1958
True Action (May, 1959). Cover Art by Mort Kunstler

Well ok, but whose brides should I take?

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Four Who Escaped WWII’s Experimental Sex Barracks

True Action November 1963

I probably should have gone with Castaway Yank On “Love Doll” Island, but I couldn’t resist the Sex Barracks


The Yank’s Five Years in Africa’s “Stockade of the Damned”

TrueAction August 1961

Also, The U.S. Skipper Who Outfoxed Japan’s Super Battleship and The Day The Panzers Raided France’s City of Beautiful Women

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The 15 Maidens In Col. Mito’s Spy House

True Action September 1959

Also, “Free Love” Schulmeister’s Fraulein Club


This Was The Most Fantastic Iron Curtain Escape

True Action February 1962

Also featuring Marooned In The Arctic’s City Of Lonely Women and The Yank Airman Who Was Sealed Into A Cave With Six French Girls


Attack of Brazil’s “White-Devil” Headhunters

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One Yank Builder Who Fought The Amazon’s “Tribe Of Lost Savages”

Also featuring; We Fought The Blood-Crazed Boars of the Smoky Mountains! Two Tennessee Outdoorsmen vs. The South’s Most Murderous Man-Killers…

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Survivor Carmody’s Two-Girl Paradise

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The “High Rollers”

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… motel shackups… Las Vegas goon-killers… girls with a top price on their bodies… tough action on every page…

Also includes New Style Passion Pits, Back-Seat Girls of Lover’s Lanes, Our Secret Cong-Killing Army: Capt. Ray Parker’s Savage Head-Hunting “Nuns”, You and the Sexually Mature Woman, and last but not least, I Worked On Russia’s Co-Ed Fishing Fleet


My Incredible Escape From Thailand’s Jungle Female Compound

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Also featuring From Under Cong Guns: The Off-Shore Ordeal of Captain Jack Gravis

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Castaway Seaman And His Legion Of Island-Raiding Nymphs


Also featuring Our 600 Red Devil Rangers Who Captured Hitler’s “Fortress In The Clouds”


Redhead Nympho of Wild Palms Tavern

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“You’ve forgotten something, Pete,” Rita said huskily from the bartop, “And I don’t mean washing the glasses.”

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Beach Girl For the Night / Laura’s Naked Surprise

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Elsa was married to Ernie, ans all she ever talked about was her former boy friend and how wonderful he was. Then, one August weekend, Ernie found a way to shut her up — my making another woman cry for joy…

This painting, for the October 1966 issue of Stag, was redrawn for the August 1971 True Action, rendered as a black and white illustration of a now-topless woman.

When the new young doctor came to Westfield, he carried a bagful of the latest medical tricks. But there weren’t enough for Laura Spencer, who needed “extra-special” attention…