Killer With Short Tusks

True Men Magazine June 1959 thumbnail
True Men June 1949 thumbnail
True Men Magazine June 1959
True Men June 1949

Women have always told me it doesn’t matter how long the tusk is as long as you know how to use it properly. To gore them to death.

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The Beautiful Yankee Spy Who Seduced A Firing Squad


Also featuring Nine Man Squad In Hells Ambush and Scarface Sal and Her House Of Masked Girls


The Mercy Plane That Turned Sub Killer


Also featuring Booby Traps Of Sin For Home Mechanics, Sudden Death By Impulse Killers, The Swindle House Of Nine Blondes, and The Nympho Bear-Hunting Women Of Honshu

How do they know when a bear is a nympho?!


Dead Courier On The Cairo Express



The Horror Of The Hanging Tree Hell



Vicious Claws Ripped Her Flesh

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True Men Magazine August 1958 thumbnail
True Men Magazine August 1958

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Blood For The Love Slaves

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All Man January 1965 thumbnail
All Man Magazine January 1965 thumbnail
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All Man January 1965
All Man Magazine January 1965

This painting was used on at least 3 different magazines, featuring such riveting stories as; Exposing: How The Mobs Turn Strippers Into Vice Girls!, The Emerald Treasure Of The Andes: A fortune for the man strong enough to take it, Sex Dolls Who Pay Their Men, The Epic Of The USS Tang, Swapping Today Is Everybody’s Game, More Gold Than I Could Carry… $26,000,000 Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde, The Plot To Blow Up The “Prostitute Express”, Sex For Sale: By The Day! The Week! or The Month!, Sam Bass — The Most Inefficient Outlaw In The WIld, Wild West, Wife-Swapping — A Reporter’s Eyewitness Report!, 14 Easy Ways Your “Best Friend” Can Cheat You At Gambling!, Sex Thoughts Of Women: How You Can Read Them!, One Hour To Stop The Nazi Rape Of St. Romaine!, and last but in no way least Trapped On An Island With 40 Nympho Brides!


Cover art by Earl Norem for True Men magazine, July 1965



Flying Rodents Ripped My Flesh!


A.K.A “Bats

Also includes New U.S. Menace: Teen-Agers In Black Leather Jackets and Don’t Be A Sucker — Cheat!


The Stalag-Busting Women-Without-Men Escape Chain of Capt. Lester Maney

True Men Magazine May 1962

Also featuring, That Buy Now — Sin Later Craze: Sex On the Installment Plan for Debt-Plauged Girls, and The 5 Wild Wife-Swap Party-Games that Stunned New Jersey’s Suburbs

Remember when a wild sex party could shock New Jersey? Yeah, me neither.

Incredible Escape from the Nazi Nightmare

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True Men Magazine February 1960 thumbnail
True Men Magazine February 1960


Chewed Alive and Screaming!


Also, The Fighting Harlots of Cay Chi and The Passion Parlor of Old Beacon Hill