The Chambermaid Flirted Once Too Often

True Detective October 1956

Also featuring Ohio’s Grim Manhunt For The Love Slayer and One Body In The Canal, One In The Utah Badlands


The Slasher And The Young Widow

True Detective November 1960

Also featuring Rhode Island’s Triangle Love Killing and When Death Went Honky-Tonk


Counter Girl

Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl thumbnail
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl (back) thumbnail
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl (back)

Men couldn’t keep their eyes on the menu, nor their thoughts on food when Carrie leaned over and innocently asked, “Would you like something else?”


Inroad to Immorality

Saber Tropic 940 1067

Feeling as though she could almost read his mind, Marcia felt embarrassed…


Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Man's True Danger June 1963

Sinister Desires Pulsated Through His Fetish-Warped Brain Whenever Beauty Repulsed The Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Also featuring The Massacre Of Pancho Villa’s Unfeeling, Ravaging Senoritas and He Was Able-Bodied, But Lacked The Stamina To Combat The Well Equipped Female Kamikazi Who Almost Blew Up The Panama Canal


Hotel Waitress (Original Title: Pick-Up at Midnight)


A beautiful young girl, eager for love, finds herself plunged into a whirlpool of demanding men

From the back:

There Are Things A Girl Has To Do… and whether she liked them or not, Gracie knew that she would do them.

There was the shabby Marine Inn, with its run-down bar and dance floor, its dark little rooms upstairs. But the place needed a waitress… so Gracie took the job, because…

There was Joe Bent, the bartender, crafty-faced, leering, his eyes on her young beauty unmistakable in their demands. He needed a partner in evil… so Gracie became it, because…

There was Nick Panos, the boss, tired and drunken, sloppy in his handling of his money. He was just asking to be cheated… so Gracie cheated him, because… 

There was Dirk Halsey, the young stranger, wise and kind, demanding in his own breathtaking masculine way. He was there to be loved… so Gracie fell madly in love with him, because…

Because Of A Burning Need, A Ruthless Demand In Herself That Could Not Be Denied, Even Though It Meant Ruin For A … HOTEL WAITRESS