Gutter Gang

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Beacon Books B108 1954

They Came From Filthy Slums — Where Even Their Dreams Were Dirty

‘It’s Time The Public Opened Its Eyes To The Naked, Shocking Story Of Teen-Age Lust, Dope And Prostitution”

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You Can Be A Blackmail Victim!

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Man's Action Magazine May 1962

Note the woman in the back with the whip.

Also featuring $2,000,000 In Treasure — If You’re Not Afraid Of The Screaming Virgin Curse!, and I Was A Call-Girl’s Boyfriend!

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The Threshold of Fear

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Famous Fantastic March 1951 thumbnail
Famous Fantastic Mysteries March 1951 thumbnail
Famous Fantastic March 1951
Famous Fantastic Mysteries March 1951

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Wildcat Adventures

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I am sensing a theme here.