I’m Not Afraid Of World War III

Man's Epic March 1968

Also, Night Of The 30 Virgins, Ordeal Of The 100 Whips, and Teens On “The Wrong Road To Sex”


The Genetic General

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Did he face a galactic Waterloo?

via Arthur Wevers and Greg McCambley

The Saga Of The Incredible Defenders Of Wolmi-Do

Man's Life (Dec., 1959). Cover by Wil Hulsey

There really was a battle on the island of Wolmi-Do, but somehow I doubt it looked like this.

Also featuring Smog City: Where Starlets and Career Girls Run Wild, When Jealous Men Go Kill-Crazy, Belle Santee and her Unique Bordello On Wheels, and Why Women Despise The American Male — Because They Ask For It!


The Yank Who Won Over Vietnam’s “Village of Wild Brides”

Male cover, January 1963 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963 thumbnail
Male cover, January 1963
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963

Also includes Wild Leatherneck Air Ace Who Saved Tulagi Harbor and An Italian “Back Alley” Girl, a Partisan Dynamiter and Three Bold Yanks: They Paved the Way for the Conquest of Italy



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Stag June 1960 thumbnail
21094681-Prisoner, Stag cover, June 1960
Stag June 1960

In a female island garrison, a crashed American pilot survived an amazing captivity

Also includes Bloodiest Naval Battle In History and Magda: Everybody’s Spy, Everybody’s Mistress


Execution Of Convoy PQ17

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The British Blunder That Lost 500 GI Lives — Tactical error? Sellout? Act of cowardice? There’s never been an explanation for this 24-ship half-a-billion-dollar tragedy

Also featuring Daytime: Miss Society, Nighttime: “Any Bed” Dolly — The blonde scandal that set the world on its heels and The Great Tramp Army That Held The Hills Of Cyclades — From deep in the Greek mountains they engaged the enemy, a wonderful, straw-hatted, tobacco-chewing, death-dealing hero brigade

Magazines in 1960 saved on printing costs by keeping full-color pages to a minimum, using mostly two-color images for illustrations. In this case, the publisher only wanted to pay for one full-color page for this two-page story spread, so Charles Copeland actually painted this image half color, half duotone.


Charge of the Lusty Brigade

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MAN'S ACTION Volume 6, Number 6 (January 1966)
$_57 (1)
$_57 (2)
$_57 (3)

Also featuring I Had to Satisfy 3 Women or Face a Firing SquadDeath Crush of the Savage MonsterPlay-Mate Prisoner of 7 Manhungry Russian VirginsExotic Nudes in a Government Sin PalaceThe World’s Wildest Nymphomaniac, and Sex Drug That Drives Lovers Crazy