The Wings of the Iron Claw


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Rig for Surface Battle

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Includes the story Blowing The Safe, featuring the Mort Kunstler illustration here

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Hit and Run Rocket Raid

20895195 - Hit and Run Rocket Raid

This illustration appeared on the cover of a Magazine Management title, probably For Men Only, c. 1965.


Downed Airman And His Amazon Girl Friday

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Male illustration, November c. 1963


Little-Known Commando Raid That Saved D-Day

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Male February 1965

Also ‘French Girls Barracks’, and ‘Why Detroit Won’t Give Americans A Safe Tire’


The Black Avenger

Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935 thumbnail
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Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935

Dusty swung the radio gun on a second Black ship. It burst into flame.

“To Captain Ayres: The greatest among us has died by your hand. We, the living, are pledged to avenge that loss. Within forty-eight hours you and your comrades will be wiped from the face of the earth. Nothing can save you!” This message, signed Ekar, was dropped on Dusty’s drome; at the same time another Yank air field nearby was wiped out by a new horror weapon – a flaming rain that destroyed everything it touched! How can America fight this new menace? How can she keep the Blacks from crossing her borders?’

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