Dirt Farm

Uni Book 51 1953

Amid These Fields Grew The Fruits Of Paradise — And Strange Evils Flourished Like Rank Weeds!


Off Limits (1952)

Intimate Novel #14 1952

A Yank officer returns to duty — and the girls he left behind!
Have Europe’s women abandoned all moral constraint?


Tramp Girl

Stallion Books Issue #205 1952

She Had The Morals Of An Alley Cat
Men Taught Her That Love Was A Jungle, And Her Own Lovely Body Was Fair Game!


Strange Circle

Intimate Novels 49, 1953 thumbnail
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Stallion Book - No 208 - 1954 thumbnail
Intimate Novels 49, 1953
Stallion Book - No 208 - 1954

The Sordid Story of A Union Boss And His Women!
Mauled, Manhandled, She Searched Aimlessly… Relentlessly… For The Ecstasy Of Love
A Compelling Story Of Savage Jealously And Strange Passions In The Asphalt Jungle Of The City

From the back:

You do things to me, baby…
The rhythm of the music’s mad beat echoed the fervent throb of blood pulsing through their hungry hearts as they performed the sensuous dance. Their bodies were glued together. They were sinuously one.
Grace had meant to escape her family, find release for all the wild urges inside her. Young Grace hod much to give, and in the strange world through which she moved danger lurked—for anyone so lovely, so generous in her affection, so untutored in the ways of sin. Charlie, the ex-pug with a one-track mind and a brutal way. Glady’s, with a warped yearning no normal girl could appreciate. Ray, whose rhythmic body was a source of constant delight.
Grace knew she was headed down the devil’s own road os she yielded to false embraces. But only time could give the answer to her tortured searching!

Cover was later reused for Dolls and Dues

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Confessions Of A Chinatown Moll


A glimpse behind the bamboo screen into a world of plush harems, hashish and the machinations of the orient…


Dolls and Dues

Beacon Books BB151, 1957 thumbnail
Beacon BB151 1957 thumbnail
Beacon Books BB151, 1957
Beacon BB151 1957

The Sordid Tale Of A Union Boss And His Women!
A Piledriver Of A Novel — As Timely As Tomorrow…

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Savage Mistress / Concubine

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Giant Editions #7, 1953 thumbnail
Giant Editions #7, 1953

A Saga If The Savage Rubber Country — And The Untamed Love Of Jungle Women

A Drama Of Desperation — And Womanhood In Shackles…

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Forbidden Fruit


She Was White — He Was Not
A Compelling Novel Of A Boy And Girl In Love — Facing The Great Question Of Racial Segregation


Mugs, Molls and Dr. Harvey (Original Title: The Square Peg)

Graphic Book 104 1955 thumbnail
83 George Malcolm Smith (The Square Peg) Mugs, Molls, and Dr Harvey Graphic thumbnail
Graphic Book 104 1955
83 George Malcolm Smith (The Square Peg) Mugs, Molls, and Dr Harvey Graphic

What Happens When Gangsters Hire An Efficiency Expert?

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The Sucker


He Played With Marie… And Made A Business Of Ruth!
Slade Had His Women Figured From Every Angle — Except One!


Unwanted Wife


On the Lonely Farm, They Shared This Woman!

She Coveted Her Husband’s Brother