Forbidden Woman


Cover art reused from Savage Cavalier


Sudden Bill Dorn

Popular Library #226, 1950

She was a Wicked Woman in an Untamed Land
She was his — But what did he really know about her?


Riders West

Popular Library #271, 1950

Two Of A Kind And Both Fighters
He was a man with a gun, she was a woman with a past


Trail of the Macaw

Popular Library #289, 1950

A Texas Cowboy Turns Renegade
He fought an army of killers to save a beautiful girl


The Golden Eagle

1954 Permabooks #P298

Soldier, Lover, Spy and daring adventurer — he led a Yankee army to the heart of Mexico


Lash Of The Six-Gun Queen

Action Stories Winter 1947

Her Kiss Was Wine, Her Guns Were Death

This Señorita Scorpion cover was later reworked into a space scene for Planet Stories