Firehair, Frontier Queen, Tiger Man, Werewolf Hunter

Rangers Comics #36 1947 thumbnail
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Rangers Comics #36 1947
Rangers 036

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Mistress Of Madness

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1961

Also, Soft Arms — Bloody Hands!, Lust Town! and Run, Sucker, Run!


The Armed Forces War Against Vice

Battle Cry, October 1962

Also featuring Sin Stands for Sabotage and Tokyo: The City Where Sex Is King


Sex The Way You Want It!

All Man May 1962

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
Also, The Killer Was A Cannibal and Bullets For A Naked Nympho


Croesus of Murder


The Green Lama Battles a New Criminal Menace: A Führer who seeks to dominate the Gold Markets of the World


Goddess Of The Half-World Brood

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Dime Mystery July 1938 thumbnail
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Dime Mystery July 1938
Dime Mystery Magazine July 1938

I am not really sure what is happening on this cover, but it doesn’t look good for any of the women involved.

Also featuring, The Werewolf Of Wall Street

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The Killer Behind The Badge

Western Novels And Short Stories August 1952

Big And Tough And Too Quick To Use His Gun


Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague


The Slithering Shadow

Held Against Her Will, Weird Tales pulp magazine cover thumbnail
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Held Against Her Will, Weird Tales pulp magazine cover
Weird Tales 1933-09 003
Weird Tales 1933-09 026
Weird Tales 1933-09 075

Fritz Leiber rated The Slithering Shadow (a.k.a. Xuthal of the Dusk) among the worst of the Conan stories, calling it “repetitious and childish, a self-vitiating brew of pseudo-science, stage illusions, and the ‘genuine’ supernatural.” However, that didn’t stop this original Margaret Brundage painting for selling for $42,000. This entire issue can be downloaded here