Legion Of Violent Lovers

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Whisperv03n07p010 and 011 join

Is that like the League Of Evil Exes?

Also includes How Hot Is Broadway, Confessions of a Con Girl, Will Insects Rule The World? and Divorce Mad. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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Confessions Of A Model

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Pin-Up Sitting in the Keyhole, Whisper magazine cover, September 1950
Whisper September 1950

Also featuring Evils Of Hypnotism, Babes Take A Beating, How To Spot A Murderer, and Jungle Justice

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Can Freaks Make Love?

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Also featuring, Alimony For Men!, Vendetta Vengeance , “I Passed For White”, Girl Head Hunters!, and Sex And The French Army

Why is she holding that clock, and why is she so excited that it is 9:00?


Summer Love Playgrounds!

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Whisper January 1953

Also featuring Cap, Gown & Lace Panties!, Passion In The Desert!, Femme Saber Fighters!, and Uncensored: The Girl Friends Of Murder, Inc!

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