The Night And The Naked (Original Title: The Strumpet Wind)

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She Was A Spy — But She Was A Woman

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Death On Killer Mountain

Challenge March 1957

Also featuring I Was Surrounded By 800 Nudes, How Boxing Czars Ruin A Fighter, I Dived For Hitler’s Treasure, and The Plot To Steal Lincoln’s Corpse


The Ride That Saved The West

Complete Man's Magazine August 1957

Also featuring 10,000 Call Girls Of Paris (A Reporter’s Trip To A Pleasure Jungle) and My Six Months With The Guerrilla Women Of Vietnam


Trapped By The Bone Crushing Red Giant

Peril August 1958

Also, Why Men Cheat On Their Wives, Times Square: Sin City, Hottest Peelers’ Around The World, and I Blew Myself Up


The Mystery of the Bouncing Bullets

Male June 1953

Also featuring The Sheriff and Waco’s “Motel Girls”


You Can’t Tame A Timberjack

North West Romances Summer 1944 thumbnail
Summer 1944 thumbnail
North West Romances Summer 1944
Summer 1944

Also, Bare-Fist Bonanza and Stalkers Of The Midnight Sun

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