Poisons Unknown

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Johnny Liddell investigates a weird cult in the murderous New Orleans underworld…

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Seeing Red


Trapped between two lies — and only a corpse knew the truth!


Death Has Three Lives

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The Crooked Hinge (1955)


A master detective’s most challenging puzzle

This story was also published in Detective Mystery Novel magazine.


Run To Death (1943)

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The 1957 cover can be seen here, and the Mystery Book magazine cover, here.

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Gold Comes in Bricks

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One dame was loaded with it. She had so much she didn’t seem to mind giving it away in ten thousand dollar chunks. But Donald Lam suspected blackmail…

A mining company claimed they’d found tons of the stuff. Lam knew their stock was phony — but he invested a thousand bucks worth of sucker money…

The girl at the cigar counter had hair that color. But every time Lam saw the light glint along her wavy tresses, he was reminded of the strands in a hangman’s rope…

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The Second Happiest Day


The Big Novel Of Today’s Gilded Youth, Sated With Too Much Money, Jaded Because Everything Is Too Easy. Here Are The Reckless Loves, The Wild Gaiety, The Bitterness Of A New Lost Generation


Rogue’s Holiday

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When pirates lusted for women and gold…

… instead of free movies.

From the back:

Blackbeard’s thirteenth wife…

Her name was Raquel. The fire of her Latin beauty burned in her eyes. She was taunting, irresistible… Robert Maynard felt her dark eyes upon him, beckoning. Yet he knew that to succumb to her charms was death… For Maynard was Blackbeard’s prisoner, and he had seen the pirate’s own glittering eyes — the eyes of a ruthless killer who would give no mercy and ask no name… And then Raquel was beside Maynard in the dark hold of the ship, her voluptuous body against his own. “I shall not give you up,” she said, “never…”

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