The Beachhead Spies


The never-before-told story of the small band of men who paved the way for World War II invasions


Mike Cragg And His Jungle Killers

Man's Action May 1965

Also, Alcohol Can Ruin Your Love Life!, Sex On The College Campus, and We Found The Treasure of the Madagascar Mermaids


Drown The Guns At Trondheim

FOR MEN ONLY August 1965 12-8

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General Patton’s Terrible Blunder

Male December 1959

Also, The Fabulous Renegade And His Island Nymph


Yank Imposter In The Luftwaffe

Male February 1966 thumbnail
Male September 1970 thumbnail
Male February 1966
Male September 1970

Art was reused for the 1970 Annual issue


The Bluff That Wrecked Hitler’s Black Forest Army

Male May 1966 thumbnail
Male May 1966 thumbnail
Male May 1966
Male May 1966

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The Daring GI Raider Who Saved Our New Guinea Stronghold

Male May 1963

Also, The Naked Wanton, The Restless After-Dark Women of Los Angeles, Are We Getting Whipped In Vietnam?, and Blow That Damned Scharnhorst Out Of The Water!


The Yank Marauder and His Strange, Jap-Killing Death Buggy

Male April 1961

Also featuring The GI Commando And His Squadron Of Glider Nymphs, The American Who Raided Russia’s City Of Exiled Women and Why Castro Dares Not Touch Guantanamo!


Two Zany Yanks Who Stole Hitler’s Mystery Jet From The Luftwaffe

Male September 1962 thumbnail
Male Magazine September 1962 thumbnail
Male September 1962
Male Magazine September 1962

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Dust Jacket Edition 156, 1945 thumbnail
Dust Jacket Edition 156, 1945, Cover thumbnail
Dust Jacket Edition 156, 1945
Dust Jacket Edition 156, 1945, Cover

She Was A Decoy In A Tropical Brawl…

This is a rare dust jacket edition, with the colorful jacket covering up the more minimalist inner cover.