Take Off Your Mask

25744262-ROBERT_MCGINNIS_(American,_b._1926)._Take_Off_Your_Mask,_paperback_cover,_1959 thumbnail
25744265-Take_Off_Your_Mask,_paperback_cover,_1959 thumbnail

Behind the closed doors of a psychoanalyst’s consultation room they strip their souls bare

Probably the best book of its kind to be released for the general public,” says the Journal of the American Medical Association?!?


One thought on “Take Off Your Mask”

  1. Take off Your Mask….Go on, you’ve taken everything else off!….Actually this is a great painting – by one of the Big Four, the maestro Robert McGinnis himself and a bit risque for the 1950s I think – of course it only subtly touches on anything psychoanalistical or medical but WHO CARES!!?

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