The Bachelors Of Broken Hill


Bony forsakes the outback when a capricious killer menaces a town

Featuring the aboriginal detective Napoleon Bonaparte.

via Greg McCambley

4 thoughts on “The Bachelors Of Broken Hill”

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte aka Bony (& many aliases) is my favourite detective and was one of the first Aboriginal characters I encountered (which as an Aboriginal I really appreciated) as well as Arthur Upfield wrote about landscapes and identities I could understand and enjoy. I have many of the Books now both in hardback and paperback but this one really depicts Bony right don to his deep thinking and penetrating blue eyes. By the way Arthur Upfield based Bony on a friend of his from Queensland. Thank you for placing my favourite character in your blog. I hope quite shortly to share some of my covers with you – as soon as I learn to scan and more importantly post (it’s taking a while)

    1. I look forward to your scans! Remember, always scan at as high a resolution as possible. If you send me the raw, gigantic files I can crop and format them as needed without the quality loss you get from repeatedly re-encoding the image

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