The Big Bubble (1952)

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Popular #463 1952
Popular #463 1952 Back

She Could Make A Man Or Break Him

From the back:

Mona Otis stood close to Adm Paine and mocked him with her eyes and her magnificently nude body still wet from her plunge into the pool.
“What are you doing?” he demanded hoarsely.
Mona shook the water from her blonde curls. The action pulled every curve of her tawny body into rippling, sensuous movement. “I’m trying to drive you crazy,” she repeated softly…
Adam was an architect building a dream city in Florida. He’d never wanted anyone but Eve, his wife, till Mona came along with the lusty challenge of her warm flesh to turn his life inside out. A sultry novel of emotional storm in boom-time Florida in the fabulous Twenties!

The 1958 printing can be seen here

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