The Big Snatch (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #10)

THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 thumbnail
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 Back thumbnail
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 Back

For Eve Drum, L.U.S.T. Agent Oh Oh Sex, it’s one climax after another…

From the back:

Lady From L.U.S.T. #10 finds Eve Drum, world’s hottest secret agent, causing a Southeast Asian crisis of her own.
There’s no stopping Eve once she gets into the Laotian jungle mood. She seems to lose all restraint (did she ever have any?) and throws every inch of her all-woman body into dancing in the Bangkok Temple of the Curious Caresses.
As usual, the more she takes off, the more she turns on.
Eve’s L.U.S.T. mission is to capture the plans for a Commie takeover of Thailand. All in the line of duty, Oh Oh Sex teaches her kooky sex tricks to the other temple dancers, dyes herself brown to pass for native, gets cozy with a Red general and a Buddhist monk, and hunts down a gorgeous rare emerald. It’s a lot for any one spy, but Eve thrives on excitement — and comes back for more.

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