The Cosmic Puppets / The Microscopic Ones

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45523730-The Microscopic Ones[1]

An American Town Run By Galactic Invaders

They Came Back To The Planet That Had Undergone A Terrifying Change

From the back of The Microscopic Ones,

The Theory of Relativity has many weird applications. Just suppose that everything around you – including your own body – grew to a thousand times its size…. would you know? There is no such thing as absolute size. There is no such thing as absolute measurement. You can only comprehend magnitude in relation to other magnitudes. 

The same would hold true for contraction…. If it took place universally. 

But what happens when relativity misses a beat? If one section of the galaxy — one corner of the cosmos expanded or contracted out of proportion to another? 

The first experimental hyper-drive ship blasted off into Deep Space. Time got out of gear. So did the dimensional correlates. So did the relative proportions of the ship, the crew, and their home world. 

What would they find when they returned? Would they be dwarfs or giants? Or so completely out of proportion that they would never fit in again….? 

Above all — could the effect be reversed?

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