The Dark Tunnel

Lion Books 48 1950

The Story Of A Homosexual Spy

From the back:

The strong and delicate shape of her head was the same and her body was as I remembered it. Slim and straight as a boy’s, with small, high breasts and narrow hips and firm legs like a dancer’s . . .
As he remembered it! The only difference was—this was not a woman but a man! A man who loved other men. A man who was a spy.


2 thoughts on “The Dark Tunnel”

  1. Kenneth Millar is better known as Ross McDonald. It is a much better read than this cover and back would have you believe. Also, the story concerns a college professor during or right after WWII discovering nazi spies have been smuggled across the Canadian border. The homosexual spy is the villain and it was king of a major surprise/plot point in the third act. This cover is saying, buy this murder mystery and find out in the third act the killer is Bob.

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