The Desperate Raid Of The Rebel Pink Panty Platoon

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The Rebel harlots beckoned to lusting Yankees

Diane’s lovely wantons marched to the tune of a sultry love song. Their battle banner was a petticoat waiving in the breeze. They were the South’s deadliest weapon.

Also featuring Yankee Woman, You Die Slowly, How I Roll You, Honey, 1000 Brides For The Devil’s Lust and Bone Crushers on Ice

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2 thoughts on “The Desperate Raid Of The Rebel Pink Panty Platoon”

  1. Maybe it’s just the scuba gear but all these ladies look exactly the same–same mouth, same nose, same coloured eyes and almost the same build. Even the one in the obligatory pink panties. Great! Saved from the evil Nazi Warlord by a bunch of clones really controlled by the evil Russian scientist.

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