The Divorcees


Three mixed-up, sex-starved women on the loose in Reno

From the back:

They came to Reno in shame in hope—in fear . . .
KATE —married to a famous politician, she knew the vile reality behind his public mask . . . and dared not tell the real reason she wanted a divorce!
BILLIE JEAN—tramp and tart, wife of a mobster . she had a whole life to shed along with her husband.
DIANE—her marriage turned her against men . . . but there were women ready to comfort her!
Against the glittering, savage background of “Divorce City, U S.A.,” with its gambling joints, hustlers, and legion of available women, these three play out their tense drama, culminating in a shattering climax of violence. Written with candor and tension, THE DIVORCEES is a vivid picture of today’s women—and their men.


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