The Eager Beavers

Beacon B628 Year 1963

She learned that the best way to the Board Room was through the bedroom…
The Shocking Story Of A Career Wife… Whose Husband Wanted Wealth, Position, Power… And Didn’t Care How Low She Stooped To Help Him Get Them!

From the back:

NORA WAYNE – She believed that a wife’s place was in the home, until company politics led her to a motel with another woman’s husband.
RENA BLYTHE – Her husband was a wheel, so she had her pick of young executives hot for promotion… and play. The lovers she chose were always scheduled for transfer. Rena didn’t believe in long-term entanglements!
ANITA GOMEZ – Half-Indian, half-Mexican, she hoped to further her night club singing career by hitching her voluptuous torso to a company star.
What happens to today’s young, attractive, self-seeking couples when their careers meet for a moment of truth? This novel dares to reveal the relationship between sex and success in today’s feverish business world!


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