The Gates Of Brass

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Monarch #296, 1963 Back thumbnail
Monarch #296, 1963 Back

A High Tension Story Of Love And Violence In The Orient

From the back:

You’re Pony Wilcox, a cop on a special mission: find the source of the dope being smuggled into the U.S. by troops returning from the Orient.

So you’re sent to Korea, but everybody knows what your mission is and has clammed up – including the top Army officials.

Your first lead is Sheila Mason, blond and beautiful adventuress, who has the information but demands her kind of payment for the answers.

Then the inscrutable Oriental, Miss Kim, gives you a cryptic clue – only she dies before you find out its meaning. 

And suddenly you’re all alone, caught in a vicious game of vice and violence, and you realize the stakes are too high for one man to win.


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