The Gay & The Guilty

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PE 397 1966
Private Edition PE397 1966
Private Edition PE397 1966 Back

These voluptuous, tortured women mixed the heady wine of ecstasy with the bitter liqueur of sadism — with explosive results!

From the back:

MARTY was a female Casanova, an insatiable lover whom her girl friends called Big Daddy…
NANCY was a lavish Latin brunette who played the field…
ANN was a switch-hitter, a mixed-up bisexual whom neither men nor women could satisfy…
HEIDI was a husky blonde dyke who loved to wrestle
CAROLE was a beautiful, wealthy Hollywood divorcee with exotic whims…
LISA was Carole’s slinky, cat-like playmate…
They all had one thing in common… THEY HATED (UGH) MEN!

This artwork was previously used for Campus Kittens

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