The Intruder (1963)

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Midwood - 1963

They were the wives of his enemies — the warm and willing tools of his vengeance

From the back:

HE CAME… unannounced and unexpected, a stranger to the town, young and handsome and dangerously magnetic.
HE SAW… Carol, the banker’s wife, bored and beautiful … Ann, the salesman’s wife, sweetly shy and timid… LaVerne, the businessman’s wife, big and blonde and busty… Nina, the mayor’s wife, full-bodied and formidable… Judy, the doctor’s daughter, hot-eyed and thrill-hungry.
HE CONQUERED… each of them, one by one, letting them discover the secret of his passion but not the secret of his plan … until it was too late for them to avoid paying the price for their infidelity.


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