The Lady Is A Lush

The Lady is a Lush, Beacon Book #B342, 1960 thumbnail
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The Lady is a Lush, Beacon Book #B342, 1960

Where does the cocktail hour lead wives like Amy — who can’t stop with one drink?

Fresh From Alcoholic Frenzies In The Arms Of Other Men, She Would Come To Her Husband’s Bed!… He Knew It… Yet Found Her Irresistible!

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One thought on “The Lady Is A Lush”

  1. I like it how she’s eyeing off the table full of goodies–and the good stuff too! No ordinary plonk for THIS heroine…and, of course, the obligatory cigarette. And how she’s got TWO glasses ready to go.

    ” Hurry up with your pawing and fumbling so’s I can get back to the Chivas Regal, you boring clown!”

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