The Last Days Of Pompeii

November 1935 Movie Action

First issue


2 thoughts on “The Last Days Of Pompeii”

  1. From a still of the 1935 movie, apparently showing Preston Foster as Marcus :

    Interesting quotes like :
    Marcus : Money is all that matters. Well, I can get money! It’s easy to get money! All you have to do… is kill.

    Or :
    Prefect : I wonder why we Romans trouble ourselves with that wretched island? After it’s conquered, what good is it?
    Marcus : Don’t you believe we can ever civilize the Britons?
    Prefect : Those people? They’ll always be barbarians. What will they ever do?

    1. Good stuff! :^)

      Looking at the bizarre scene depicted in the cover, involving a geezer in drag with a bad perm being forcibly, um, dragged away from some concert by security, anybody can attest that, indeed, Pompeii is on its last legs…

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