The Last Resort

Midwood 32-584 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back

Wealthy women, driven by their secret desires, fleeing the world of men and creating their own little Shangri-la

From the back:

They Came To The Exclusive Resort Not Only To Lose Their Excess Weight But Also Their Secret And Strange Frustrations…
LAURA… the curvaceous and captivating redhead who refused to waste her alluring charms on men as long as there was another woman on the scene.
WILLA … the plump and pretty blonde who quickly discovered that she could not only change her figure at the club but also her sexual appetites.
TOBY … the statuesque and dominant amazon who took great pleasure in lovingly and vigorously pounding the perfumed flesh of her vain and voluptuous clients.
RHODA … the tiny and tantalizing swinger who coaxed her companions into having a party which would end up as a free-for-all orgy.


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