The Man Days

Vampires June 1927

Tales, Historic And Modern, Of Women Whose Careers Challenge The Claim Of The Male As The Stronger Sex


5 thoughts on “The Man Days”

  1. “EB”. It’s certainly not Earle Bergey, so it’s gotta be Enoch Bolles trying out a different style and attempting to hide that the art was done by him, right? (But he left the E of EB very similar to how he normally wrote it so good detective work could figure it out a century later.)

      1. The tag is still not updated, so he’s not yet convinced.

        FWIW, I will lend my own two cents and say, “The style is a perfect match for Carl Buettner. So…it’s him.”

        1. I have now looked over Carl Buettner’s signatures. Both the C and B are a stylistic match, but you have to look at multiple paintings to see it, ’cause he didn’t use this same combination on any painting I saw. On some paintings that same B was there, while on others the same C was there. So both style and signature now match. It’s most definitely him.

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