5 thoughts on “The Man Who Could Vanish”

  1. That illustration is a work of genius and rewards close study. Everything is there, in correct perspective, from the numerous dental fillings and tie pin down to the sock garters (!), shoelace grommets and cobbler’s nails. This took careful, methodical work.

  2. I know they say all that about leaving things to imagination being the biggest aphrodisiac, but I just, um, can’t see it in this case. I think I would even take issue with someone being aroused by this cover. Why, I would slap him in the face with my mutton glove and mutter -nervously- something on the lines of: “You are being veeery pedantic, sir! Back off!”.

  3. Having not read the story, I don’t know how the author explains away the fact that only metallic objects are still visible (in other words, the man’s clothing and shoes, in additional to his flesh, have also been rendered invisible). If memory serves me correctly, in “The Invisible Man” the protagonist’s clothing isn’t affected, he has to remove it to escape.

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