The Odd Kind

beacon #B-795X, 1964 thumbnail
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beacon #B-795X, 1964
Beacon B492F 1961

Unveils The Sleek And Expensive World Of The Lesbians Who Model Fashions IN Public — And Perform Age-Old Rituals In Private!

From the back:

La Modena — Once she had been simply Emily Jones, a miner’s daughter. Now a high-priced model, she dared to participate in strange practices.

Pam Elliott — Once she was content with the sick attentions of another model, the red-haired Haze Merton. Now she wanted more — thrills from La Modena, furs and jewels from Jorges de Chastelaine.

Jorges de Chastelaine — Once it had amused him to be chased by two women. But now a question came up: did they want him — or each other?

A Story Of Bisexual Relationships In The Cosmopolitan Dress Salons-where Old Sins Are Restyled To Please The Wealthy!


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