The Running Girls


Louisa and Marie Taught The Latin Way Of Love

A daring story of those wild Cuban women fleeing to our shores — desperately seductive, and ready to give a man anything!

From the back:

They are a cute lot, no question about that. All of them vivacious, shapely—many of them beautiful. Girls by the thousand, slipping into New Orleans and Tampa, swarming across the border into Texas, riding the rails and the planes to New York. They are the Cuban exiles . . . the same girls who once made Havana the play-ground of lusty males . . . desperate girls, ready to do anything to survive, casting the spell of sex. . . .
In this raw and stiletto-sharp novel, you’ll learn the intimate details of how such girls live—girls like Maria, and her younger sister, Louisa. Preyed on by their own countrymen, even by unscrupulous Americans, they are beaten, exploited, ravished.. .. But they always have a trick or two up their sleeves. They can do some preying themselves!
That nice home-town girl named Julie learned about her Latin rivals the hard way. She was giving Rex Ward the use of her beauty and body, and thought she had him all sewed up—until the stunning Maria came along, not to mention seductive Louisa. When they made things cozy for him, pretty Julie was faced with a strange challenge. To save her dreams, and salvage Rex, could she outlove those spicy Havana girls?


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