The Set

beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
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beacon #B-532F, 1962
Beacon #B-532F, 1962

Henrietta And Her Set Had One Thing In Common… They All Wanted Louise!
She knew all about men and their ways… but nothing about certain women and their wants…
A Blazing Novel Of A Young Girl Caught In A Web Of Perversity!

From the back:

Meet Barbie — the milk and honey, baby-faced blonde who had once loved and been loved by men, but who now found fulfillment in The Set…
Meet Lynn — striking, stunning, noted sculptress — an expert in molding the girls in her own image…
Meet Chummy — gorgeous, statuesque, velvet-skinned brunette… who liked them pert, pretty and petite…
Meet Louise — pert, pretty, petite — and innocent – until Chummy sponsored her for “membership”…
Meet Henrietta — dominating, willful, bewitching… spinning a silken web of wanton eroticism from which none of them could — or would — escape…
Until Ted Williams, handsome virile photographer of models-in-the-flesh pitted his male strength and charm against — The Set

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