6 thoughts on “The Sleeper Is A Rebel”

  1. It could easily be a crossover between “I Walked with a Zombie”, “The Fly” and, dunno… “The Naked Prey”?. It’s great to get to see both versions of the cover, with and without the lettering. Gotta love the ingenuity in how they have integrated the latter within the composition, instead of just superimposing it – that hand over the title definitely gives the whole picture a nice 3D pop.

  2. I wondered about her missing arm, but the interior art has it whole, so maybe it’s just an optical effect of the vision bubble.

    1. I think you’re right, and I had the exact same feeling. I suppose the equation at work here was something like Ambitious optical effect + Hurry (don’t even want to think the deadlines these folks were working against) = one-armed heroine

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