The Sweet Smell Of Sin


Sex and money were all that existed for him — and all he existed for!

From the back:

To Andy Stark, everything was a business … and every human being had a price-tag. He juggled men and women the way he juggled the books of his many corporations. And a woman he wanted was not much different from anything else he wanted to buy.
There was Selma, who kept her voluptuous body ready for a one-night stand any time Stark said the word. There was Millie, who professed a moral code totally alien to him, and flaunted her wicked curves in a way a burlesque stripper would envy. There was Cleo, married to a dime-a-dozen slob Stark could have bought many times over, and aching desperately for climactic fulfillment from a real he-man…
Nothing could stop him from getting richer and more powerful; nothing could bottle up his huge, ferocious lusts. Nothing except his own greed…


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