The Wanton One

Newsstand Library #U133, 1960 thumbnail
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Newsstand Library #U133, 1960

She made it her business to get what she wanted… and she never stopped wanting

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One thought on “The Wanton One”

  1. I dunno…Girls today…wanting this, wanting that. I guess she’s just a wanton! But, seriously folks, why did our mate Robert Bonfils go to the effort of drawing that marvellous ornament before her feet – is he saying she was a bit of a dog!? Or a hot dog? Or that she was only interested in stallions? And, as usual, he has put his magic into this depiction of the lady with her red stilettos, bangles and sexy cleavage peeping rom her flimsy dress. Cigarettes, wine and red hair!!? Of COURSE she’s a wanton, you wally!

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