They Strip To Please!

Broadway-Hollywood Carnival Issue #3 January 1940


2 thoughts on “They Strip To Please!”

  1. “Carnival” means “of the flesh” in latin (more or less). Pedantries aside, this is indeed both a fresh magazine as is also a flesh magazine. But I digress. I was going to say that the model shows an uncanny (uncarny?) resemblance to Joan Fontaine – or maybe it’s just me old tired eyes. So color me confused… but it is a warm feeling of confusion, nonetheless. Rebecca (well, technically not – for she was nameless there, but you know what I mean) roman-riding astride at the merry-go-round, all (pop) guns blazing, wearing stockings and suspenders and a lovely little green dress. Slumber, come to me, so I may perchance dream!

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