Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

Man's Story September 1965 thumbnail
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Man's Story September 1965

Also includes Suburban Sin and the Teen Age Suicide Epidemic, Exposed — The Tragedy Of America’s Homosexual Army, and Self Test: Have You Mastered The Secret Of Sex Fulfillment?

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3 thoughts on “Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!”

  1. Brings back fond memories of a far more innocent time: I was 12 in September of 1965, and the only drug store in my very small home town shelved all of the comics, “monster magazines”, Mad, and, yes, Man’s Story, at the very front of the store. The church-going owner made no effort to shield the above cover (and others like it) from the eager, curious eyes of the 12-year old boys who paused to look at comics as they left the store. This cover made a deep and lasting impression!!!

  2. I am partial to this cover since the blonde, bound bombshell being belt-whipped looks just like a blonde bombshell I know, sans the bonds and whips.

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