When Lesbians Strike

Saber SA-79 1965

Donna, a power in the business world, had ways of taking what she wanted from pretty girls, who were unfortunate enough to meet her. Susan, her new secretary, wanted to play, but didn’t want to go all the way…

From the back:

Donna Wilson, a pretty, overbearing Lesbian, had the financial means, as well as the beauty, to seduce and force younger girls to become her play things. She took advantage of the knowledge of her beliefs that many or most girls were already latent Lesbians, and all she had to do was force them a little, and this would turn them out, make them aggressive enough to give her additional pleasure. Although she was strongly attracted to, and lived with Natalie Hamilton, she couldn’t restrain herself from her deep-rooted desire for many more girls, and her habit of turning the “latent” into an active, aggressive Lesbian.
Our author gives us an insight into the homes of smoldering Lesbians, who are supposedly happily married, and tells us how they pretend desire for men, when in fact they are watching in every direction for a change to practice their trade but still hang onto their “security” — a husband…


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