Where There’s Smoke

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Midwood Books F357 - Michael Burgess - Where There's Smoke

She was the kind of female who couldn’t say no, who couldn’t be satisfied with just one man… even if that man happened to be her husband.

From the back:

A Four Sided Triangle is made up of four parts, two young husbands and two young wives, each with their secret cravings and compulsions.

SUE… the totally amoral nymphomaniac who coaxed the others into a game of switch partners so she could show them the depths of their hidden hungers.
NICK… tormented by his wife’s promiscuity and his inability to satisfy her, driven to a point of madness where he must resort to rape in order to prove his manhood.
JESSICA… startled by the fury of her own abandon, dazed by the delight she finds in the arms of another female, condemned by the insatiable force of her long-suppressed yearnings.
ALEX… a broadminded male in every sense of the word, more than willing to share his wife with his friends as long as it was a share-and-share-alike agreement.


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