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Here at Pulp Covers, we are always looking for new and better covers to post. Do you have an interesting, lurid, or just awesome cover that I haven’t posted? Do you have a better copy than I do? A slightly different edition? Scan it (use as high a resolution as possible) and email it to [email protected]

Do you know the artist for a cover I have posted? Let me know!

If you run an online bookstore, I would be happy to link to sales pages of pulp publications you are selling. Just send in a high-res cover image and the link.

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  1. Some of them are, mostly the ones from the 30’s and earlier. The later ones are mostly copyrighted by someone, although in many cases that someone is a defunct company and no one can track down the current holder.

  2. Thanks for a great site. Inspiring work for sure. The hay day on magazine illustration. Alas now gone. The new illustrators work in gaming I guess. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.

    1. Yeah, we went through two different hosting companies this last week. Thankfully we maintain independent offsite backups!

  3. What a discovery! Great work! I like pulps-paperbacks cover art.Your finds are superbe.Thanks a lot !

  4. Thank you for the hours of entertainment during the last year, with some great covers. Much appreciated. Looking forward to more of the same in the year to come. Happy New Year.

  5. I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for 7 years and I only just found now out!

    I discovered your site when I happened to be going through the “images” section of a Google search for Fantastic Universe covers and was struck by the Schomburg cover you have up without the magazine logo and printing on it at:


    Beautiful job on that one!

    I hope you can keep doing this and, perhaps even more important, keep this archive up and running on the internet. There’s tons of important work you’ve done here! Thank you!

    — JRS

  6. Nice site! I read a lot of reprints of these stories in the’60’s and ’70’s. Great to see them in their original form and the artwork is awesome. I particularly like Margaret Brundage. I might look for some prints of hers on eBay. Plus it has pointed me to some authors I didn’t know from the period, who I’ll now track down for more of their work and background. Thanks!

  7. I’ve noticed that alot of the cover artists/Illustrators are missing on new posts. Do you need assistance with that?

    1. I always put the artist, if known, but often I can’t find a record. If you know any of them, please leave a comment and I will update the tags.

  8. For the last twenty years, I have been scanning pulp art covers from books and magazines. Using Photoshop, I then restore the cover to like new. I try to determine what the artist had in mind and to eliminate printing errors, wear and tear, dirt and marks, and so on. Of course this works best when I can scan from an original, but such covers are getting harder to find and more expensive. Just downloaded a few of your covers, but not sure the quality will be what I need. I typically scan at 600 dpi. Any thoughts?

    1. Most of the scans here are pulled from the web or submitted by readers, and are of the best quality I can find. My own scans tend to be very high resolution. If you have any scans you would like to contribute, I would be most appreciative.

  9. Anyone hear of a story relative to …”Algerian Rebel Girls…”? Can’t remember the magazine or year, maybe 1959-1963.

    Thank You,

  10. Wonderful work.
    Thank you for a shared-love shared.
    I would like to include one or two on my in-development website.
    Linked back to you.
    Hope that’s ok.

  11. Amazing!
    I am a translator and a English teacher in Japan, as well as a SF fan, a skeptic, and was a historic archeologist. That means I am one of you.
    I have been looking for fun materials to teach English. Oh my deities, here they are.
    I would love to spend my hours to create reading worksheets out of these magazines. I am sure will do!

  12. I’ve just come across this site. AMAZING!!!!! I’ve been interested in science fiction through the decades since the 1970s. Seeing these covers, and being able to read some of the stories, particularly the 1930s, has been fantastic. It also gives an insight into the thoughts of people during that time. Wonderful!!!

  13. I have learned so much from this site about the amazing art and artists who produced ‘pulp’ illustrations! Their images have been seen by far more people than the works of mainstream artists, and they have influenced our culture in far-reaching ways. Thanks so much for putting such enormous effort into sharing these images and information about their artists and venues.

  14. Would you happen to have all the covers on your site stored in a zipped folder or in something else that we could download in one shot? Thanks for the great work, mucho appreciated!

  15. Impressive collection. I’ve seen a lot of my father’s illustrations on here that I haven’t seen before. Some signed. (Walter Popp).

    Interesting discussion about reprinting and whether or not the artists were paid for them that I might be able to shed some light on if anyone’s interested.

  16. Love, love, love both your blogs, they’re my absolute favourite. What I wanted to ask you is: any chance for a horror covers blog? I can’t find any high res images on the internet, and some of them are absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Hi, just researching a copy of Thrilling Ranch Stories and found your site, which I will bookmark for reading in the future. I’m in the UK and Thrilling Ranch Stories’ I have is a British reprint, just scanned off the original, albeit under license. Anyway you are welcome to a hi res scan if you can email and tell me how to submit. Simon

  18. Love this site!

    I am interested in using part of one of these covers as the cover of a mystery I’ve written, but I don’t know who to contact to look into permissions.
    Would you happen to know?

    Thanks for the work you do to preserve this art form.


  19. Just a quick thank you for this site. I’ve been subbed to your rss feed for years.
    Truly one of the internet’s hidden gems.

  20. HERE are two “Waitress” pulp covers from my files. I had not realized this category had already been created. It has been a long, long time since I last visited your fantastic website.
    Also attached are 3 more files which I promised in my comment on your “Dead Body” category. Manhunt magazine 1954 August… because two other countries published the same cover…. And another RARE cover of “This Is It, Michael Shayne,” 1970, #8794, 60 cents in black ink, vertical. This might indicate that it is a third printing; only the copyright page would show this. I have another with the same features (So Lush, So Deadly… Nov 1970. The back cover of the third edition did NOT give credit to McGinnis for his artwork. Why?)
    ALL five are .png as you requested… good luck… James Hatch. or Jim.
    You may delete this… I find it too long for a comment; just didn’t know how best to respond to your letter?

  21. Great site! I discovered you through pinterest. Strangely enough, when I reposted some of your posts there, I got slapped with all kind of violations: adult content, hate propagation… But yours seem unaffected. How do you do that?
    I got scared that they might delete me altogether , so decided to take them down :-(

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