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Here at Pulp Covers, we are always looking for new and better covers to post. Do you have an interesting, lurid, or just awesome cover that I haven’t posted? Do you have a better copy than I do? A slightly different edition? Scan it (use as high a resolution as possible) and upload it here:

Do you know the artist for a cover I have posted? Let me know!

If you run an online bookstore, I would be happy to link to sales pages of pulp publications you are selling. Just send in a high-res cover image and the link.

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23 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Some of them are, mostly the ones from the 30’s and earlier. The later ones are mostly copyrighted by someone, although in many cases that someone is a defunct company and no one can track down the current holder.

  2. Thanks for a great site. Inspiring work for sure. The hay day on magazine illustration. Alasd now gone. The new illuastrators work in gaming I guess. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.

    1. Yeah, we went through two different hosting companies this last week. Thankfully we maintain independent offsite backups!

  3. Thank you for the hours of entertainment during the last year, with some great covers. Much appreciated. Looking forward to more of the same in the year to come. Happy New Year.

  4. I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for 7 years and I only just found now out!

    I discovered your site when I happened to be going through the “images” section of a Google search for Fantastic Universe covers and was struck by the Schomburg cover you have up without the magazine logo and printing on it at:


    Beautiful job on that one!

    I hope you can keep doing this and, perhaps even more important, keep this archive up and running on the internet. There’s tons of important work you’ve done here! Thank you!

    — JRS

  5. Nice site! I read a lot of reprints of these stories in the’60’s and ’70’s. Great to see them in their original form and the artwork is awesome. I particularly like Margaret Brundage. I might look for some prints of hers on eBay. Plus it has pointed me to some authors I didn’t know from the period, who I’ll now track down for more of their work and background. Thanks!

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