Sweet as sin… innocent as a Mickey Finn… safe as a baby cobra!


Killer in White

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The Hands Meant To Heal Were The Hands For Murder

From the back:

It was a damned shame she killed herself. He had had such a perfect setup and all the equipment for it—a devastating bedside manner, a whole array of sharp, shining instruments and the brooding handsomeness white jackets were made for.
The only thing he didn’t have was a medical degree.
Young Dr. Webb ignored this. Most of his patients were women, anyway—rich women who asked no questions.
Then one of them killed herself. And another died suddenly and then the murder happened and it became a dream of horror from which he could not wake— not even the night on the back country road when he stood sweating with a shovel knee deep in a fresh grave


The Old Man’s Place

The Old Man's Place by John Sanford, Doubleday, 1953 thumbnail
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The Old Man's Place by John Sanford, Doubleday, 1953
Doubleday 251, 1953

The  brutal story of three moral outcasts — of the evil plot and the doom they meet


The Gracious Lily Affair

Pocket Books #1223, 1958

Five murders and a dangerously beautiful woman take Colonel Hugh North to the Far East’s most vicious city.


The Tight Corner


Relentless Manhunters Pursue an Innocent Fugitive Through Murky Bayou Swamps


The Sea Is A Woman (Original Title: Time Moving West)


Shore-leave passions… their only escape from the whims of a cruel mistress


Captive In The Night

Crest 126 1956

From the back:

This is the violent, headlong story of Blair Hanson, soldier of fortune, and the reckless and beautiful woman who had once betrayed him. Would she dare to try again?

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