Death Haunts The Dark Lane

A. B. Cunningham - Death Haunts the Dark Lane (1950, Dell Book #465)

Sheriff Roden and his dog track the killer of a Kentucky beauty 


I Prowl by Night

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A bold, new look at the causes of PERVERSE DESIRE — The frenzy that drives a man to the windows of unsuspecting women!

So, a serious scholarly work, then.

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The Day A Madman Was Release From Prison!

Man's Life December 1969

Purge Of Blood, Death And Rape Across Texas!

Also featuring Happiness Is: Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife, Miracle Escape From The Commie Killers Of Cambodia!, Malibu Beach: Where Topless Love Kittens Run Amuck!, and I Was Captain Of The Mafia’s Ship Of Vice!


Take Me, Stranger

Saber SA-112 1967

Through the keyhole, she saw an entirely nude, sexy-looking blonde… and the man intimately caressing the girl was her husband Paul…


Death on the Nile (1951)


Murder Strikes Three Times… And Poirot Strikes Back!