Shame Street


Twisted Hungers In A Lust School Along – Shame Street

From the back:

Don Spaulding entered the school of passion late, but he was an apt pupil. The steaming slums gave up all their secrets to his prowling study, and the heat of alcohol inflamed the hunger’s he’d had bottled up so long as he learned to make the most of the sinful moments of torrid love in shabby back seats of cars and shabbier tenements. The wanton women of the skid row streets taught him their age-old skills, and it was a lust scramble to see who would fill the gutters first.


Passion — Their Pastime

Saber Book SA-72 (1964) thumbnail
Saber Book #SA-72 1964 thumbnail
Saber Book SA-72 (1964)
Saber Book #SA-72 1964

Non-virgin club meetings being held next door gave Sandy the idea of forming a new club whose sole function was… Passion — Their Pastime

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Sins of the Pioneers

Saber SA-130 1968

A fresh, juicy piece early in the morning never did a man any harm, and that’s exactly how it would be with the Indian maiden…


The Marriage Rite / Wild Oats

Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958 thumbnail
Intimate Novels #43 1953 thumbnail
Beacon Book #B169, 1958 thumbnail
Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958
Intimate Novels #43 1953
Beacon Book #B169, 1958

First used by Intimate Novel in 1953:

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery! But if a husband sins, should his wife follow suit?
A Novel Of Sham Passions — And Triumphant Love!

Then by Beacon in 1958

They Started Early — Very Early!
A Novel Of Reckless Youth Which Will Shock Every Parent!

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Over-Exposed (1965)

Midwood [Canadian] 32-555 1965

A trick dressing-room mirror, a hidden camera, and a blackmail racket that victimized each of the unsuspecting young models!


Shrine Of The Thunder God

Dime Mystery Magazine, 1939 March

Also, The Phantom Sweatshop. This entire issue can be downloaded here