Quarter Books 31, 1949

She Was Easy With Her Kisses And Free With Her Charms!


The Games She Played

The Games She Played, Softcover Library #B925X, 1966 thumbnail
Softcover Library B925X, 1966 thumbnail
The Games She Played, Softcover Library #B925X, 1966
Softcover Library B925X, 1966

The entire suburb was her private bedroom!
Shocking… But You Owe It To Yourself To Read This Explosive Novel About Young America’s Reckless Immorality

You know, for research…

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Law of the ’45


Only In A Coffin Could Bill Randall Return From The Owl-Hoot Trail


Safari of the Serpent-Slaves

Jungle Stories 1949 Summer

Also featuring Jackal-Man’s Hunger


Once There Was A Virgin

Exotic Novel #7, April 1950

Her Flesh Was Gold… Worth Dough To Any Man!


Off Limits! (1953)

Rainbow Books 130, 1953

A Suspense-Packed Novel Of The Guys, The Dames, The Joints, The Creeps Who Surround Our Army Camps And Prey On Our Soldiers.