Shack Woman

Beacon B257 1959

The Story Of A Bewitching Tramp — Whose Brazen Affairs Shocked An Entire Town!

From the back:

THEY gave Vida a shivaree on her wedding night. The dregs of the town invaded her shack, pulled her brand-new man out of bed, made cruel sport him — while committing indignities upon Vida’s pretty person…
But maybe she deserved it. After all, when she had married this drunken outcast, she’d been carrying another man’s child. For her delight had been to shamelessly roam the back country, there throw herself wantonly at oafs like Barney Williamson. . .
It was a habit not easily broken. Although another man’s bride now, Vida had to admit that she liked it when Barny paid her his special attention. . . liked it well enough to vow to keep Barney all to herself. Then one day in the woods, she came across her passion-starved sister Grace, in a man’s fevered embrace. . . Barney’s fevered embrace!


The G-String Murders (1942)

Detective Book Fall 1942

Detective Book reused this cover a few years later for The Triple Cross


The Joy-Riding Doll Came Home In A Hearse!

Best True Fact Detective November 1948

The Terrified Beauty Shrunk Beneath The Stinging Lash Of The Brute’s Blow! “Don’t,” She Pleaded! “Please Don’t Hit Me Again!”


Flight Out Of Hell

Man's Illustrated Magazine September 1962 thumbnail
Battlefront Rescue, men's magazine cover thumbnail
Man's Illustrated Magazine September 1962
Battlefront Rescue, men's magazine cover

Also featuring Buried Alive With 6 Lusty Pom-Pom Girls and The Nordic Nymphs Who Almost Killed Hitler

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The Silver Witch

Jungle Stories - Spring 1945 thumbnail
Jungle Stories - Spring 1953 thumbnail
Jungle Stories - Spring 1945
Jungle Stories - Spring 1953

Also featuring Voodoo Veldt

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Dragon’s Cave

Detective Book Magazine Winter 1947 thumbnail
Detective-Book-Magazine-Winter-1947 ReTouched thumbnail
Detective Book Magazine Winter 1947
Detective-Book-Magazine-Winter-1947 ReTouched

The curvy Red-Head knew… Soon again that hate-riddled Chicago mansion, packed with Knightly murder-weapons, would spout blood!


Death Turns The Tables / The Sword and the Net

Two Complete Detective Books Fall 1942