Shameless Wife


She Traded Virtue For Passionate Adventure

Elissa Armstrong made a daring love-pact–with another woman’s husband!


A Woman’s Touch

Midwood 32-728 1966

Diana thought she could play the game as well as her husband — even better…

From the back:

She knew there was a time and place for every-thing. She knew that a vacation at a lush island resort was not the time to play faithful wife and dutiful mother. She knew her husband was probably busy with something other than business back at home. And she knew just how to attract the men that were necessary to the plans she made.


The Bedroom Game

Softcover Library B866X, 1965

Never Underestimate The Sex-Power Of An Ambitious Woman
In Suburbia, The Sex-Game Never Stops. This “Insider’s” Novel Shows You Just How Keenly The Status-Seekers Play It!


Red-Headed Nurse


Maggie Loved—And Never Lost!
The Shocking Story Of A Lovely Woman Who Put A Price Tag On Her Beauty


Strange Wife

Strange Wife paperback cover, 1964 thumbnail
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Softcover Library S75146 1970 Back thumbnail
Strange Wife paperback cover, 1964
Softcover Library S75146 1970 Back

What would you do if you were married to a lesbian?
This man sought escape in the beds of other women. But his lovely lesbian wife meant to pervert them, too!

From the back:

It was the oddest of affairs.
• Young Dave and his deviate wife…
• Young Dave and that cute little sex kitten, Marcie…
• Young Dave and the hotly passionate Madge — a kind of semi-pro specialist in slaking male lusts…
It wasn’t Dave’s fault, exactly. He was just trying to break the grip of a marriage that made him suffer and squirm. But he found that cracking the chains was not easy. His wife was not only beautiful but thoroughly depraved — and she meant to taint the women who dared to give him natural love.

This artwork was later reworked for The Lovemakers

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The Marriage Rite / Wild Oats

Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958 thumbnail
Intimate Novels #43 1953 thumbnail
Beacon B169, 1958 thumbnail
Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958
Intimate Novels #43 1953
Beacon B169, 1958

First used by Intimate Novel in 1953:

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery! But if a husband sins, should his wife follow suit?
A Novel Of Sham Passions — And Triumphant Love!

Then by Beacon in 1958

They Started Early — Very Early!
A Novel Of Reckless Youth Which Will Shock Every Parent!

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Bold Desires


Refused by his wife, Harry felt his desires were undeniable, however timid or bold they might be.


Summer Widow

Beacon B394 (PBO, 1961)

When hubby was away, this wife liked to play…
What Did The Beach Boys Have That Her Husband Didn’t? Maggie Meant To Find Out—And Did!

From the back:

Time On Her Hands—Men On Her Mind
Their marriage was ideal. Night after night of blissful live proved it; or so she thought. Then pretty Maggie Kelly found herself tucked away at a summer resort, while her husband remained city-bound—with his exotic, green-eyed secretary.
When word arrived that hubby and green eyes were cozily settled, Maggie went wild. She followed the example of her companion, teen-aged Dorothy Taylor, until then known as the easiest conquest on the beach. Maggie became even easier. Thus did she revenge herself on her husband—and at the same time, like Dorothy, learn what handsome beach bums had to offer.
But Dorothy, in a jealous fit, tipped off Maggie’s husband. He abandoned his cozy secretary and jet-footed it beachward to reclaim his man-hungry wife. What followed was ironical and bitter. To prove she wanted him back, Maggie had to unveil her charms for a leering neighbor…
When Couples Separate, Anything Can Happen. Here Is A Biting Account Of The Temptations Besetting Husbands And Wives On The Loose!


Commuting Wife

Beacon Books B693X, 1964

She had a husband in suburbia—and a lover in town
A story of today’s sophisticated career wife, who doesn’t let a wedding band stand between her and the men who can help her get ahead!


Farewell My Young Lover (Original Title: A Sound Of Voices Dying)

Popular Library, #665 thumbnail
Popular Library, #665 back thumbnail
Popular Library, #665
Popular Library, #665 back

The Fury And Ecstasy Of Young Rapture

From the back:

The compassionate tale of two young girls who taught an eager college freshman the meaning of life and love: Jean, the pretty party girl, who became infatuated with Reid on a blind date. And Laura, the lonesome blonde trapped in a brutal marriage, desperately seeking love before time ran out.


Man Chase

Beacon Books B386 1961

Three women wanted him —
His wife… for the wedding ring she didn’t deserve
The redhead… who “forgot” to tell him she was married
The blonde… for the affair she craved

This entire book can be downloaded here

Earth Woman

Lion Books No. 84 - Earth Woman by Edwin J. Becker, 1952

A Savage Novel of Maryland’s Sterile Soil

From the back:

“You’ll Never Know The Ecstasy Of Conquering Something,” Said Lucy Blanton…
Her glittering cat’s eyes dug into the marrow of men, searching, prying, hating and loving, all at once. But could she conquer Marcia, the flaming-haired rebel who fought back, woman to woman… Or the rampaging jet stallion, with murder in his untamed heart… Or Judd, of the cunning animal brutality… Or Barbara, woman of raw nature…
Could She Conquer These?
Here is a novel of Maryland decadence and of the woman who ran the land and the lives of those around her. A woman whose heart was a claw… and whose flesh was a weapon.


Goodbye, Darling

Midwood F391 1964

There were times when she didn’t mind her husband calling to say that he’d be working late again at the office.

From the back

He was young and handsome and passionately virile. She was bored and restless and hopelessly vulnerable. He treated her the way no man had ever treated her… and made her love every shameless minute of it. He taught her_to do things that she would never dare to do even with her husband… and made her live for the time when she could do them again.
He was an irresistible drug and she became an incurable addict. It was wild and ugly and dark and consuming… the kind of love that couldn’t be analyzed but only experienced. She tried desperately to break the habit before it was too late… but she didn’t try hard enough.