The Case of the Attic Lover

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Pyramid G304 1958

He was a prisoner of a woman’s lust

From the back:

Desire consumed her every night, every morning, every afternoon… Her husband couldn’t satisfy her and her lovers abandoned her because they couldn’t stand the pace. Then one day she met her match — and put into effect the lustful, cunning plan that led to violence and unbelievable crime.

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Strange Lovers

Beacon Signal Sixty B727X 1964

Can a mature but still seductive woman win, hold and satisfy a younger man?
Can a man of fifty, however strong, win, hold and satisfy a pretty young girl?

From the back:

This is the unusually frank story of Barry St. Clair, fifty-year-old scholar, trim and virile. He falls under the spell of Lori, a teasing and promiscuous gamin.
This is the story of Roy Hayes, age twenty-five, who al-most gets his uncle’s young bride for himself. Their love affair takes a surprising turn.
This is also the story of beautiful Avis Morgan, maturely sensuous, warmly needful. Hungering for a youthful sweetheart, she tempts Roy with her money, her sophistication and, above all, her body. Does an older person, male or female lack the strength to hold a young lover… or is it the other way around?


The Husband Trader

Beacon Softcover Library B877X 1965

She Planned To Strike It Rich By Sharing Her Husband With The Right Women — And Then The Sentimental Slob Fell In Love!

Presumably unrelated to The Wife Traders

From the back:


Sex, land deals, stocks and bonds—they were all the same to Lori: commodities to find a buyer for. She’d sell herself, sell her husband, sell her friends—and sell out her enemies.
ELLEN had money— lots of it. And a voluptuous body that craved men — lots of them. So Lori obligingly invested her husband in a little sexual speculation.
BESS had bounced from bed to bed, each more expensive than the last, until now she shared her satin skin and silk sheets only with the big money.
Then Lori sold her husband down the three-way street with another woman once too often —and the sentimental slob fell in love!

In one blazing weekend of greed and unrestrained lust, the masks are ripped away from the people who would do anything—or anyone—for a dollar, and even the biggest operators find they’ve been sold.


Abnormal Wife

Beacon Softcover Library B838X

Most Women Can Be Satisfied With Normal Love, But Not Marian… Not Marian!
In Manhattan’s little-known byways, this restless wife sought and demanded forbidden thrills and “different” love

From the back:

She Stopped At Nothing For Her Kicks…
Marian was not willing to leave well enough alone. She could have lived on comfortably in the suburbs with her husband but she was bored and restless. With him, the marital bed was tedious and sex routine.
That’s why Marian decided to give her sensuality free rein. She went on an expedition into Manhattan, cultivated bizarre friends — looked for unusual, sensual experiences— sought odd types of lovers who would stop at nothing….
Life became a series of off-heat adventures for Marian. For a time she enjoyed the repeated thrills of her strange, taboo world. But the odd breeds oddity. She found herself incapable of returning to normal ways, normal love.
A Novel Fearless In Its Revelations About Abnormal Sex — And The Women Who Demand It!


Country Club Cheat

Walter Popp Country Club Cheat, 1957 thumbnail
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Walter Popp Country Club Cheat, 1957

Every husband in the club admired her charms
A Frank Novel That Probes Behind The Suburbs’ Fashionable Façade And Expresses The Waywardness Of The Country Club Set!

This cover was later reused for Trailer Tramp

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Sex Starved

Softcover Library B805X

She Knew An Affair With Her Patient Would Be Good Therapy For Them Both!
The Strange Story Of A Beautiful, Love-Hungry Woman Doctor

From the back:

…of philandering husbands… she married one!
… of sex-starved women… she became one!
… of twilight lusts… she developed one!
… of lesbian desires… she yielded to one!
…of illicit lovers… she possessed one!
Are Doctors Immune From The Ills Of Their Patients? Hardly, Argues This Best-Selling Novelist In An Intimate Story About The Anatomy Of Adultery


This Is Elaine (1966)

Midwood 33-780 1966

What really goes on in some small, “quiet” towns

From the back:

Elaine Appeared To Be A Typical Young Wife, Devoted To Her Home And Her Husband — But She Was Anything But What She Appeared. Under Her Pretty. Quiet Facade Was A Wicked, Hungry Nature… And There Wasn’t A Man In Town That Didn’t Know It!


She Liked Them Young

Softcover Library S75133 1965

In attractive Mrs. Baker’s beach cottage, the teen-age lifeguard became a man!
A bold novel of suburbia’s summer game — played by lonesome wives and youthful lovers!

From the back:

Her husband knew it, but there was no way he could keep her satisfied. She had already seduced his next-door neighbor and was restless for new conquests. Her ultimate sex-challenge was Tony, the summer colony’s teen-age lifeguard. On this bronze young god, she lavished all the delights of a private apartment, money galore and her own lush, mature charms. So far, so sweet. But could a woman like Lynn Baker hold a boy like Tony? He had some ideas of his own about the set-up. One was a swinging teen-age chick on the side. Another was a special session à trois for fun and profit.
Mrs. Baker had lured a tiger into her bed—but could she keep him under control?


Stranger In Her Bed

Books B593F 1963

His Wife Did Not Know Him Nearly As Well As His Women Clients Did…
Mac Marcy was not above making love to his client’s wives when it suited his purpose — until he finally fell into his own trap.
A Revealing Novel Of Men Who Use Sex For Profit



Sundown Reader SR587 1966

This Witch Wife Interfered With His Love Fun!

From the back:

… Whit had built a cell of sin around himself. He could only hurt his lover, and his wife despised him. He was a victim of blackmail, and the payment was lust. He had to endure each enforced perversion while he wallowed in Fay’s flabby embrace. But this was just the beginning; Fay was also interested in Holly for her


Shameless Wife


She Traded Virtue For Passionate Adventure

Elissa Armstrong made a daring love-pact–with another woman’s husband!


A Woman’s Touch

Midwood 32-728 1966

Diana thought she could play the game as well as her husband — even better…

From the back:

She knew there was a time and place for every-thing. She knew that a vacation at a lush island resort was not the time to play faithful wife and dutiful mother. She knew her husband was probably busy with something other than business back at home. And she knew just how to attract the men that were necessary to the plans she made.