Man Chase

Beacon Books B386 1961

Three women wanted him —
His wife… for the wedding ring she didn’t deserve
The redhead… who “forgot” to tell him she was married
The blonde… for the affair she craved

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Goodbye, Darling

Midwood F391 1964

There were times when she didn’t mind her husband calling to say that he’d be working late again at the office.

From the back

He was young and handsome and passionately virile. She was bored and restless and hopelessly vulnerable. He treated her the way no man had ever treated her… and made her love every shameless minute of it. He taught her_to do things that she would never dare to do even with her husband… and made her live for the time when she could do them again.
He was an irresistible drug and she became an incurable addict. It was wild and ugly and dark and consuming… the kind of love that couldn’t be analyzed but only experienced. She tried desperately to break the habit before it was too late… but she didn’t try hard enough.



Avon T298 1954

A Novel of Marriage and Infidelity


The Eager Beavers

Beacon B628 Year 1963

She learned that the best way to the Board Room was through the bedroom…
The Shocking Story Of A Career Wife… Whose Husband Wanted Wealth, Position, Power… And Didn’t Care How Low She Stooped To Help Him Get Them!

From the back:

NORA WAYNE – She believed that a wife’s place was in the home, until company politics led her to a motel with another woman’s husband.
RENA BLYTHE – Her husband was a wheel, so she had her pick of young executives hot for promotion… and play. The lovers she chose were always scheduled for transfer. Rena didn’t believe in long-term entanglements!
ANITA GOMEZ – Half-Indian, half-Mexican, she hoped to further her night club singing career by hitching her voluptuous torso to a company star.
What happens to today’s young, attractive, self-seeking couples when their careers meet for a moment of truth? This novel dares to reveal the relationship between sex and success in today’s feverish business world!


The Girl Cage (1959)


Lonely service wives waiting for their men… The most tempting prey in the world — and the easiest…

Not related to Girl In A Cage or The Girl In The Cage or Girls For Satan’s Birdcage or Sex And The Caged Women. It is, however, related to the 1953 printing of this same book. Definitely not related to Man In A Cage.


The Big Bedroom

39317335-The_Big_Bedroom,_paperback_cover,_1959 thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back

A frank novel of broken vows and secret sins in a New York suburb that everybody knows

I don’t know what kind of foolish art director decided to crop out the peeping tom from this cover, but at least he used it on the back cover.

She brought her best friend’s husband to the motel to prove to him that his wife and her husband were having an affair. But while they waited for their respective spouses to check into the hot-pillow hideaway, she decided that they too could play at infidelity!
This is a frank and revealing novel of manners and morals in the suburbs. With candor and brutal honesty, it lays bare the wild joys and heartaches, the fear and insecurity that drive suburban couples into adultery and deceit.


Dr. Randolph’s Women

Intimate Novel #21 1952

Where They Patients — Or Playmates?
Where the physician stopped, the man began…!

From the back:

She was a broad-minded wife…
A physician’s wife has to overlook certain things. But Dr. Clinton Randolph took Marcia too seriously when she said he could go out with his lady patients. He actually tried it, and on the night of their third anniversary. It turned out to be a big evening for them both. Clint found himself a victim of the old army game. Marcia wound up with the Navy–in her bathtub! And when Clint returned from his escapade, he found Marcia sobering up a perfect stranger, with kisses. Which caused Clint to turn around and walk right out again. Just at this juncture, who should appear but Marcia’s old lover, Parker Browne. He hadn’t changed a bit …
Here is a cutting analysis of modern liberalism in marriage, a deft and exciting novel of fair play which gets out of hand. It’s moral? Never mistake tolerance for indifference?


Suburban Affair (1962)

Beacon B512F 1962

The Favorite Game In Commuterville Was Called — Change Your Partner!
The Well-Kept Lawns And The Fieldstone Homes Concealed Affairs That Turned Country Gardens Into Hot-Houses Of Lust!

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Love Hungry Women

32398888-Love_Hungry_Woman,_paperback_book_cover,_1962 thumbnail
Beacon B540F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B540F 1962

Novak could always find them…

He wanted money — but he wanted women even more. There was Denise, there was Ginny, there was Valerie; but there was also the boss’s provocative wife — and she controlled the bank account!

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35649744-Sexbound,_paperback_cover,_1961 thumbnail
Beacon B822X 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B822X 1961

If You Dare — Share The Excitement Of These Couples Trapped In A Cozy Motel — Isolated By Storm, By Seduction, And By Their Own Utter Lack Of Morality!

From the back:

It was one of those motels so common along the turnpike, but it had its special features. Pretty Vinnie, for instance, who attracted men like Joe Stacy more than their wives did. Naturally he stopped by often. So did couples like Jane and Bruce, both married — but not to each other. On the night the blizzard burst over the highway, all were marooned — and the isolation killed inhibition. A pair of travelers, Virginia and Sally, found themselves sharing a single bed. Lydia Lane was ready to spend the night with anyone. Even Barbara, Joe’s beautiful wife, showed up — with another man.

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The Key Game

Monarch 237

It Was Like Playing Bingo With Another Man’s Wife As The Door Prize


Cancel These Vows

Monarch 245, 1962

Suburban Husbands And Wives On The Loose And On The Prowl


Nest Of Summer Widows

Beacon B528F 1962

Each Monday Morning Their Husbands At The Fashionable Summer Resort Returned To The City Leaving Behind A… Nest Of Summer Widows

On weekends Lake Powhatan seemed like any pleasant resort for young married couples. But all during the week — while the husbands were at their jobs in the city — the bored and restless wives filled their days and nights — with different lovers!