Attack At Suicide Stretch

Man's Illustrated August 1956

Also, Sex In Marriage: Is One Woman Ever Enough? and The Untold Secret Of The Alamo


Killer Cat

True Adventures April 1962

Also featuring How She Wants To Be Loved, Why The G.I.s Call It Pig Alley, and The Devil’s Dew


Tigers Spell Death

Battle Cry January 1960

Also, Sex-Slave To The Jungle Japs and Pearl Heart: Wildest Woman Of The West


The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba!

Jungle Stories Winter 1948 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0004-5 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0009 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0015 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0021 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0061 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0071 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0087 thumbnail
Jungle Stories Winter 1948
Jungle 1948 winter 0004-5
Jungle 1948 winter 0009
Jungle 1948 winter 0015
Jungle 1948 winter 0021
Jungle 1948 winter 0061
Jungle 1948 winter 0071
Jungle 1948 winter 0087

He staked his lion strength, his mamba speed, against the jackal cunning of The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba!

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Cask of Khabar

Adventure Magazine June 1947 thumbnail
Adventure June 1947 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine June 1947
Adventure June 1947

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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River Of Eyes (Original Title: Crocodile Fever)

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The Greatest Adventure Epic Since “Kon-Tiki”

From the back:

White Woman — Bad Medicine

Through out the terrifying ordeal of the crocodile hunt, the natives had stood by Dempster loyally. Especially Joseph, the Zulu. Night after night they had shared the terror, braved the horrible death in those fearsome, reptilian jaws.

But now the superstitious Africans were nervous and ill at ease. For a white woman had suddenly appeared at their female-hungry jungle camp. The woman would fill Dempster’s thoughts, sap his energies, make him careless on the river.

They knew that something bad was going to happen!

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The Last Princess

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Sister Of An Emperor — Mistress Of An Outcast

From the back:

This is the saga of Atahualpa, the last Inca, whose madness and lust was his doom… Of Princess Tacara-mi, who, by the law of the land, could experiment with all men before marriage, but found the one man she wanted in Taclos, the Emperor’s minister… And Pizzaro, the Spaniard, whose gleaming cannons bought an exotic empire to its knees!

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Lone-Yank Who Survived Africa’s “Weird Rite” Wilderness

For Men Only September 1966

Also featuring “Table Stakes” Redhead, Lumber Camp Nympho, Fast-Buck Traitors Who Sell To Our Enemies, and Ten Best Draftee Deals In The Armed Forces