Stud In Paradise!

Man's True Danger December 1967

He didn’t mind fathering a new race with all those south seas beauties but there was a half a million dollars waiting for him in Frisco…

Also featuring Warning! Sex Can Kill You!, Sex International’s New Isle Of Shame!, Girls’ School Orgy, Where To Find A $Million$ Buried On Long Island!, and The Lust Galley Of The Jet Set Playboy


Ike O’Hara’s Isle Of Comfort Girls

Sir February 1960

Also featuring And Lady Peg Gave The Mau Mau Oath, Sex Store In Japan, The Beatnik Plot Against Teenagers, and Will Congress Kayo Boxing?


I Fought The Mau Maus

Real Men December 1957

Also, Are You Ready To Die — Tomorrow?, Nudism: Does It Stand For Health Or Vice?, Secret Agent Of The Frontier, and I Married A Prostitute


Escape Convoy That Traveled Through Hell

For Men Only Magazine July 1960

He Led An Epic Survival Trek Across 300 Miles Of Cannibal Country

Also, The Yank Holdout On Guerrilla Girl Island and The Butcher Who Sent 2,000,000 To Their Graves


No Return From The Catrimanis

Male May 1957

Also, Island Of Captive Women


The Island Of Violent Virgins

South Sea Magazine October 1960

Also, The Island Where Sex Is Compulsory, Human Studs In Arabia, I Rescued Brigitte From Harem Torture, My Gem Jackpot In Honduras, and I Saw The Forbidden Somali Sex Dance