The Year They Outlawed Love

Champion For Men Magazine 1959 October

Also, Slave King Of Africa and Bat Women Of Budapest!


Sins of the Pioneers

Saber SA-130 1968

A fresh, juicy piece early in the morning never did a man any harm, and that’s exactly how it would be with the Indian maiden…


Rawhide Killer

Rawhide Killer paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
Rawhide Killer 1963 thumbnail
Rawhide Killer paperback cover, 1963
Rawhide Killer 1963

Raw violence rips the town as settlers and Indians fight for gold!


Gen. Yagishi’s Secret Army Of Naked U.S. Geisha Girls

Man's Daring November 1962


How To Make Your Start

How 7, Vol 1 No 1, January 1928

The first issue of How 7, a short-lived magazine of inspiration essays and testimonials from successful personalities.


Quietly My Captain Waits

Perma Books P156 1951

The violent story of a woman branded “wicked” — and banished to a savage wilderness


Forbidden Woman


Cover art reused from Savage Cavalier